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Manned Security

G4S takes great pride in manned security provided by our professional security officers.
manned guarding

G4S takes great pride in manned security provided by our professional security officers. With skills and experience enhanced by rigorous training, our service quality is supplemented with the application of technology and structured levels of supervision. Our service applications range from the protection of private residences to multi-storey Grade A buildings, to power and utility facilities and hotels. We have dedicated resources to continuous improvement and training in order to provide consistently superior service quality to all of our customers.

G4S Secure Solutions (Hong Kong) Limited

G4S Secure Solutions provides security officers who are well-trained and managed beyond industry standards with over 60 years experience. G4S assures its high quality services to customers' specific requirements by utilizing a huge mobile supervisory team.

Apart from general guarding services, G4S provides personnel to assist with specialized services which require experience, training and/or qualification.


G4S Gurkha Services Limited

G4S Gurkha Services Limited is the first company to provide Gurkha soldiers as professional security officers, Gurkha Services was built on the finest traditions of the British and Indian Armies.

All Gurkha Security Officers are well trained by G4S while some of them have ex-military experience. We place a strong focus on skills gained in the disciplinary services, enhanced by commercially oriented training to provide professional and reliable security officers.


Our Services

As a professional security company, we aim to provide a designated security solutions to our customers.

Escort Services

Escort services include the provision of named or unnamed vehicles plus the qualified drivers. Also, the trained close-protection officers can be deployed when escort celebrities.

Close Protection Officer / Body Guard 

G4S currently provide Close Protection Services to a number of prominent and influential clients in Hong Kong as well as overseas.

Plain Clothes / Store Detective Officer 

To meet the needs of retailers, G4S has developed a team of plain clothes officer to reduce the client’s shrinkage & prevent the loss.

Customer Services / Receptionist 

 All Customer Service Ambassadors & Receptionists not only equipped with customer service skills, but also have trained with basic security knowledge.

X-Ray Screening Machine Operator & Metal Detection

All the x-ray machine operators have gone through the in-house training & assessment program before deployment.  Currently, our servicing clients including logistics companies, public transport companies, etc.

Key-holding & Alarm Response 

G4S has developed a strong mobile patrol team which ensures that we can provide timely support to our customers. All of our skilled response officers are trained to deal with dangerous situations that may occur when an alarm is activated.