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Security Systems and Technology

A global leader in providing security solutions.
security systems

G4S Security Systems provides international recognised brands of equipment and installs a complete range of valuable, liability and functional electronic security solutions; and are tailored to match our customers' risk and operational environment.

Our Services

G4S Security Systems provides the private and public sectors with a range of security systems, including:


Access Control 

Our Access Control equipment and systems have all been tried and tested by our security experts to provide you with the best solution to fit your needs and budget.  G4S is the sole distributor of MultiMAX, the versatile and scalable access control system used by the Pentagon.



G4S installs various biometric systems such as finger print, iris scan, hand geometry etc. which can be used for high security areas according to user requirements.


 The BIS-WDS Prime is the first passive concealed weapons detection system to identify weapon shapes, including guns, knives, assault rifles and large objects that are potential bombs and/or explosives, in real-time using passive millimeter wave imaging combined with full-motion video.

BIS-WDS Prime is also the first to:

  • Operate indoors and outdoors, during the day and at night
  • Detect weapons composed of all metals (both ferrous and non-ferrous), plastics, ceramics and/or composites
  • Provide stand-off threat detection
  • Provide a simple, easy-to-read graphical user interface requiring no special training of operators

Detection Capabilities

  • Multiple, simultaneous threat detection capability; displays up to three threats on screen
  • User-defined object size threshold
  • Two detection sensitivity levels (D1, D2) with user-adjustable sensitivity and sensitivity setting displayed to the operator
  • Real-time, on-screen event detection logs
  • Alarm Notification
  • Option to view an enhanced processed millimeter ware "Blue Man" image

BIS-WDS Prime Features

  • Always on, always operating in real-time to detect concealed objects of all materials (metal, ceramic, composite)
  • Provides object detection indication combined with full-motion video to pinpoint suspicious objects on a person
  • Emits no radiation of any kind, does not radiate, illuminate or emit energy
  • Does not require subjects to stand still to detect suspicious objects
  • Images 5 to 15 feet away, providing standoff threat detection
  • Processes an unlimited number of threats displaying up to three at a time under the "Detection Status" area of the GUI and generating and logging an unlimited number of threat detection or classification events
  • Images only differences in the millimeter ware density of objects. The system will not image the detailed form of a person, eliminating potential privacy issues
  • Eliminates "decoy" tricks by detecting multiple threats and the position of those threats on a person
  • Reduces installation engineering.  Standard video camera considerations and minimal millimeter wave considerations apply
  • Requires less space, consumes less power and costs substantially less than any known active or passive millimeter wave system
  • Operates under extreme temperature conditions and is waterproof



G4S has the ability to install CCTV systems which can be monitored in a number of ways, including remotely through our control centre, by your own staff, or even through your mobile phone.

G4S is also the sole distributor of IOImage, a unique system which works with existing CCTV to enhance capability and utilize intelligent technology to automatically detect perceived threats.


Control Room Monitoring

G4S provides on-site or remote alarm and access control monitoring via our police recognized Central Alarm Monitoring Station. These facilities are designed to monitor and manage a range of incident notifications such as burglar alarms, unauthorized access, fire or emergency service alerts.


Intruder Alarms

G4S provides an assessment of customer requirements, designing and installing the most effective Intruder Alarm Systems - ranging from a single-site system to a fully integrated and networked alarm system covering multiple locations.


People Count Visitor Traffic

G4S brings to you Beonic's People Count Visitor Traffic Systems and people counting technologies. The products are suitable in a wide range of markets and industries. People Count products are fully integrated systems, easy-to-use, yet provide extensive functionality and flexibility.