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Fire Safety

Total solutions to minimize the risk of hazards and emergency incidents.
G4S Kenya fire services

Kenya's largest private sector fire service provider

G4S has built a reputation for product, service quality and expertise in the fire protection industry.

Our range of services Include:

Fire Systems and Equipment

  • Installation and maintenance of: Portable, Industrial and Domestic Fire Equipment.
  • Installation of Fire Suppression systems: Hose reels, Hydrants, Sprinklers, Wet & Dry Risers, Gas Fire Suppression systems, Safety Signage.

Fire Rescue and Response

  • 24- hour fire brigade and Ambulance services: In liaison with relevant authorities, G4S offers emergency medical care, rapid intervention and evacuation services. 
  • Fire Protection Service: Fully trained fire fighters and marshals appointed to customer's premises with the responsibility to secure immediate and safe evacuation of personnel in the event of an emergency.
  • Emergency Evacuation Drills: Conducts awareness exercises too gauge emergency readiness within customer premises.
  • Events Services: Fire marshals appointed to events for evacuation planning and management.

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

G4S supplies: Conventional fire alarm equipment, analogue addressable fire alarms and wireless conventional devices. 


G4S conducts fire risk assessment and audit on behalf of its customers.


Fire prevention training, Work place fire fighting, First Aid and Fire Marshal training for organisations.

Once installation is done, it is paramount that you understand the use of fire equipment and how to carry yourself in the event of an emergency.

G4S offers employee and house hold training on evacuation, planning, use of fire equipment, fire fighting control, response, and basic first aid.


It is prudent for both home and business owners to invest in fire detection equipment and training  as preventive measure for fire related catastrophes.