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Secure Journey Management

High profile security personnel to give you peace of mind.
secure Journey

A leading secure support service provider 

Our solutions enable our customers to operate smoothly wherever their business takes them.  

Close and Executive Protection Officers 

VIPtransportation and protection depending on the threat profile. G4S enhances your personal security enabling you to confidently conduct your business.

Airport Meet and Greet  

G4S protocol officers will be available to assist clients on arrival with check in and related custom checks.Eliminating and discomfort experienced on arrival to destination.

Valuable Cargo Escort

Secure, confidential, and reliable escort services for your valuable consignments. Our personnel are trained to operate together with armed local police. We enable our customers to concentrate on their core businesses.

Security Chauffeur 

High profile drivers trained on a secure system of movement based on calm and controlled driving techniques,to manage our customers' safety needs discretely.