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Secure Data Solutions

A secure solution to all aspects of corporate archiving and record management

specialized record management solutions

G4S Secure Data Management provides a cost effective, secure and simple solution to all aspects to corporate archiving and record management.

Our Services include: Storage, Indexing, Retrieval, Tracking, Archiving, Record Management, Digital Services.

Our preservation Approach

  • Preservation planning - Analyses content and develops a specific preservation plan.
  • Receipt and Packaging - Content transferred to management center, preservation method, mode and medium of filing determined.
  • Archiving - content is ingested into the archives according to specified preservation plan.
  • Tracking, Monitoring and Management - Automated management systems to ensure security and future accessibility. 
  • Disposing - Migration of data / destruction of records and proof of destruction provided.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced space and storage costs.
  • Safe storage for records - protection against hazards like  environmental degradation, fire, flood, theft and sabotage.
  • Improved retrieval of records, enhances internal efficiency reducing operational costs.
  •  Minimization of litigation risks as records can be accounted for.
  • Clients can concentrate on their core business
  • 24hr fire suppression and security monitoring
  • Specialized services for specific industries including: Legal, Medical, Telecommunication and Financial Institutions.