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G4S can deliver specialized training in accordance with any requests from the client
G4S Madagascar training

To date, two types of training were provided by G4S Madagascar: Security Driver Course and Basic Security Course but with the large experience of global company, other specialized training can be delivered in accordance with any future requests from the client.

Security Driver Course:

As drivers, you are responsible for your vehicle and those travelling within. This course is aimed at reducing the loss of personnel and vehicle by road traffic incidents, hi-jack or ambush. This training will give you the confidence and awareness to make quick and effective decisions in crisis and critical situations.

This training is taking place in 5 days for basic and can be customized as the need of trainee.

Security Driver course program subjects:

Observation and awareness

Conflict management

Counter surveillance

Suspect / vehicle recognition

Commentary driving


Armed robbery

Defensive driving


September 2011: UNICEF - Ambovombe, with 11 participants

October 2010: Imperial Tobacco, with 38 participants

September 2010: United Nations, with 100 participants

Basic Security Course:

Security guard manages risk, protects assets, and prevents losses, so they are an integral part of society. This basic security training program is tailored to teach the knowledge and skills necessary to provide an introduction to security.

The basic training is taking place in 10 days and refreshing course is required every 6 months after.

Basic Security Course program subjects:

Physical training

General guard orders

Bombs and other explosive devices

Self-defense and baton training

Memory training

Acess control

Suspect recognition

Search procedures (area, vehicle, person)

Patrol procedures

Intruder apprehension

Fire fighting

First aid


July 2010: Peace Corps, with 14 participants (refreshing course)

October - November 2009: Peace Corps, with 14 participants

Regarding G4S's guards, they have to perform two or three weeks basic training, that is compulsory. Then, they follow more specialized training according to the evolution of their post.

Basic Training

Minimum Training Hours - 80 hours basic training will be allocated for (new) guard training.

 Guard’s posts will be covered during their absence by reserve personnel. Guards currently employed on the project will be given 40 hours re-certification training.

Basic Training Program Subjects:

  • Introduction to G4S
  • Observation and Awareness
  • Memory Training
    Communication and Conflict Management
  • Awareness of Crime/ Terrorism Relevant to Madagascar
  • Self Defense and Baton Training
  • Bombs and Other Explosive Devices
  • General Guard Orders
  • Post Orders
  • Appearance and Demeanor
  • Drill
  • Regulations
  • Client Relations
  • Handover Procedures
  • Log Books and Report Writing
  • Access Control
  • Search Procedures (area, vehicle, person)
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Intruder Apprehension
  • Radio Communications
  • Fire Fighting
  • First Aid
  • Suspect Recognition
  • Vehicle Recognition
  • Use of Handcuffs
  • Arrest and Control
  • French Language Revision
  • Commercial Contract Procedures
  • Discipline

Supervisor Training Hours- 120 Hours.

 All potential supervisors must successfully complete the Advanced Security Course

Advanced Security Course Subjects:

  • Leadership
  • Supervision
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Public Relations
  • Arrest and Control
  • Advanced Self Defense and Baton Training
  • Use of Pepper Spray
  • Risk Assessment
  • Discipline
  • Guard Electronic Monitoring Systems
  • Radio Communications
  • Incident Control
  • Report Writing
  • Alarm Response
  • Intruder Apprehension
  • Counseling
  • Drill
  • Key Control
  • Planning
  • Post Inspections
  • First Aid
  • Medical Procedures
  • Motivating People
  • Instructional Technique
  • Customer Care
  • Problem Solving
  • Quality Control

Special Operations Team Training - 120 hours.

 The members of our Special Operations Team are trained in Special Intervention and Close Protection.

Special Operations Team training subjects:

  • Observation and Awareness
  • Advanced Self Defense
  • Use of Pepper Spray
  • Telescopic Baton
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Arrest and Control
  • Radio Communications
  • Client Relations
  • Search Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • The Role of the Protection Officer
  • De-escalation skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Defensive Skills
  • Threat assessment
  • Protocol
  • Observation and Awareness
  • Operations Orders
  • Surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Residential Security Team
  • Security Advance Party Duties
  • Improvised Explosive Device Recognition
  • Appreciation for a Close Protection Officer
  • Public Appearance
  • Office Security
  • Travel Security
  • Hostage Briefing
  • Vehicle Drills
  • Walking Drills
  • Reaction to Attack

Patrol Supervisors Training- 40 hours.

In addition to the Advanced Security Course all of our Patrol Supervisors must successfully complete the Patrol Supervisors Course.

Patrol Supervisors Course Subjects:

  • Arrest and Control
  • Post Inspection
  • Patrol Reports
  • Advanced Self Defense and Baton Training
  • Use of Pepper Spray
  • Supervision
  • Discipline
  • Arrest and Control
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Radio Communications
  • Incident Control

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