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Security systems and Technology

G4S is the biggest provider of security solutions around the world

Purchasing a security solution is not just a one-off acquisition but rather a significant long-term investment where relationships are built.

G4S Madagascar is providing all of security systems which you can need:

    * Automatic alarm system
    * Remote CCTV system
    * Access control systems:biometric, card reader, tourniquet
    * Vehicle tracking system
    * Guardlog system (patrol monitoring system)
    * Automatic reader of license plate
    * Supervision by drones
    * Security solution for BTS (Bidirectional Tower Station)
    * Integrated security solutions for services stations

G4S Madagascar is listening to their clients’ individual needs. Let us show you how an integrated security solution can bring you the reliability, professionalism and peace.


Our media library contains high resolution pictures and broadcast quality b-roll of our operations around the world for editorial use.