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Management and support

We'll give you opportunity to excel professionally and personally
Management et service de support


Whatever area of the business you work in, you'll hold the key to our long-term success as you provide essential leadership, support and motivation. Opportunities are hugely varied, with the chance to work in unique businesses ranging from our cash solutions business and secure solutions where we protect assets and people through operational excellence and a sharp focus on customer service, to our technology and risk management arms where a strategic approach combined with innovation is helping us make and sharp markets.

There area also functional roles in areas such as Finance, Facilities Management, HR and Communications which are dynamic and fast paced core environments.

We'll give you opportunity to excel professionally and personally in an environment that will also make you feel secure. Internal promotion is a key part of our culture and we are committed to making the most of our people.

If you are interested in joining one of the world's largest and best teams, contact us at:

Immeuble Millenium Ivandry

P.O Box 12052 Zoom

Antananarivo 101

Phone: +261 (0) 20 22 537 74

           +261 (0) 32 03 333 33


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