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Major corporates and industrials

Providing a safe and secure working environment and protecting corporate assets


In widely differing regulatory environments and cultures around the world, corporate and industrial organisations depend upon security for their long-term prosperity. In a world of diverse and complex risks, delivering effective security is a very real challenge.

At G4S, we understand that businesses who look at their security challenges more comprehensively can unlock hidden benefits to help them to thrive and prosper.

G4S offers a complete approach to security issues, drawing on our worldwide experience and global footprint, our proven capabilities in end-to-end project management, personnel management, logistics and security technologies.

For our clients, the benefits of this approach are tangible. Businesses that rise to the challenge of securing their environments in a more integrated way are better placed to protect critical assets and reputations, reduce costs and deliver a better experience for the people they employ and serve.

Recognise that the most secure and beneficial solutions come from understanding the wider challenge of securing the working environment and protecting corporate assets. Let us help you to see the opportunities that exist in the challenge of Corporates and Industrials.

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