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Flood Jeddah

Flood Jeddah

almajal G4S shared to remove the damage caused by the torrential rains in Jeddah from 24 houses in the um alkhair dist

A contribution to restore life to normal in this dynamic city.

almajalG4S has examined the extent of the damage left by the rain and floods in the province of Jeddah, and decided to build on that and in agreement with the Jeddah Municipality to extend a helping hand to those affected.

Accordingly, the processing of almajalG4S a number of field teams equipped with vehicles and equipment under the management of supervisors to remove the damage from a range of villas in the um alkair dist .. The steps included the rehabilitation of the villas for accommodation:

  • Remove furniture and reclamation can be affected, including 
  • Clean the roles of land inundated by floods 
  • Clean the limits of a villa abroad 

Commenting on this initiative, "said CEO Eng Amal Abdulghaffar:" To ensure that we help the people of the cities of dear grandmother, I have decided G4S in coordination with the Jeddah Municipality to contribute to the rapid restoration of affected the course of their daily natural, praying to God Almighty to give us the grace Security and safety. "

This has ended the company's cleaning 24 villas exerting its full potential to remove the effects of damage caused by the torrential rains, from the keenness of officials and employees of the company and appreciation sense of national responsibility and social, for this task from a human and an effective contribution has had the greatest impact on reducing the damage.

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