Our CSR Commitment

As a global leader in security and related services, corporate social responsibility forms a key part of our strategy. We are trusted to care for some of the world’s most valuable assets and to ensure the safety, protection and welfare of people around the world, often in difficult or complex environments.

Ensuring that we undertake our business in a way which is ethically responsible, safe and in line with the company’s values and standards is an essential element of our strategic model.

We expect our managers and colleagues to uphold our standards in whatever role they play for our business or our customers. In return, our commitment is to provide fair reward for the work undertaken and the opportunity to develop and grow for those colleagues who wish to do so.

We recognise that our employees work in an inherently hazardous environment. We seek to equip and train our employees to ensure they are safe, but the environment in which we operate is fluid and can become hazardous in an instant.


We believe that CSR strategies are best achieved when integrated into business practices.


almajal G4S plays an important 

role in society


We take pride in reporting 
our activities.