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Happy Day

almajalG4S celebrated the Happy Day 2011

almajal G4S Celebrate Recreational Activities (Happy Day)

almajalG4S celebrated the Happy Day 2011 entitled 'Endless Fun' hosting (3) charity organizations in one of the most famous entertainment places in Jeddah (Al-Shallal).

The number of orphans celebrated reached 190 in Jeddah, 50 orphans in Riyadh, 40 orphans in Eastern Province, 50 orphans in Abha and 80 orphans in Tabuk with a total of 410 charity orphans.

The biggest celebration took place in Jeddah where 190 orphans were greatly celebrated through different entertainment programs. That includes face painting, ice skating, bump cars, rollercoaster, Magic Show and gift giving at the end of the event.