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Cash Solutions

Our main cash services in Barbados cover cash in transit, cash processing and management, ATM replenishment and storing of cash and valuables.
Cash solutions


At G4S we transport, process, securely store and manage cash. In addition we provide secure international logistics for cash and valuables. We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and safety in offering the widest range of fully insured bank notes and coin management solutions.

We utilise insured armoured transportation between businesses of all sizes, commercial banks, Central Banks and ports of importation. Our Cash In Transit team is specially trained and equipped to use legally permissible protective force as required.

Our other cash management services: 

  • Back office functions for the major commercial banks, which include but is not limited to daily ATM
         replenishment services 
  • Transportation of sensitive business records and documents 
  • Data and Commuter Media backup tapes 

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