History of G4S Barbados

G4S and its predecessors have been providing security services in Barbados for over 50 years.
G4S building in Barbados

In 1974, the security firm Brinks was incorporated in Barbados. The firm was later converted into Securicor, followed by G4S Security Services (Barbados).

G4S Secure Solutions (Barbados) Limited was formed in 2005 and is a member of G4S (previously known as Group 4 Securicor). G4S was formed on July 20th, 2004, out of the merger of Securicor plc and Group4Falck. This merger brought together three well known brands: Group4, Wackenhut and Securicor.

G4S is now the largest provider of security solutions worldwide, employing more than 533,000 people in over 85 countries and has an annual turnover of 7.0 billion Pounds Sterling.