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Care and Justice Solutions

Judicial, Corrections and Community Safety Support Services

G4S Leading in Safety and Justice Services

G4S is the global leader in community safety and justice services, with the highest level of expertise in the following service sectors internationally:

  • Offender Electronic Monitoring (Home Arrest and GPS Tracking)
  • Prison design, build, management and operations
  • Prisoner transport and court security services
  • Immigration detention and support services
  • Police support services

These sectors are also G4S’s interest here in the Marianas, focusing on three primary service solutions being prisoner transport, home arrest/curfew electronic monitoring in the form of (RF) Radio Frequency and GPS tracking.

Electronic monitoring in partnership with treatment, reentry programs, vocational rehabilitation and other community based programs can work together to reduce prison population, protect the public from crime, and help offenders along the road towards becoming productive taxpaying citizens.

With the implementation of EM in the form of Home Arrest or GPS Tracking, Marianas justice agencies will experience the following immediate benefits:

  • Significant reduction of costs in the confinement of low risk persons in jail or prison (housing, food,            medical and other support costs).
  • Relieves the pressure on an overcrowded prison population and enables valuable agency resources            to be targeted at high risk offenders.
  • Provides the court an objective tool to electronically document the offenders’ compliance or non-              compliance with court ordered release conditions, which enhances the effectiveness of a probation            and parole supervision program. 
  • Provides the response framework so immediate action can be taken if house arrest or curfews are              broken.
  • Enhancement of community safety through the use of court ordered “home arrest” and “home                  curfew” accompanied with real time electronic supervision.
  • Electronic documentation of the offenders’ willingness to comply with Court release conditions.
  • Rehabilitation enhancement by affording the offender the opportunity to seek and maintain                        employment; begin restitution to their victims; reestablish family and social life which assists them in            becoming productive citizens of the community.
  • Provides a completely objective record of compliance; shows either they are home or not, there is            no need for debate.

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