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Pool Safety

Pool Emergency Responsiveness
Pool Safety Lifeguard Services

"In life-threatening situations, every second counts"

We recognize the need for qualified water safety and lifeguard services within our island hotels and resorts. By providing this specialized service, we have given our customers another reason to trust G4S to protect their businesses, guests and staff. 

Highlights of this service are:

  • Management of aquatic facility safety program.
  • Certification of all water recreation personnel.
  • Consultation on proper water safety signage.
  • Maintenance of water safety equipment.

G4S Pool Safety Officers are qualified at two levels:

  • Certified Lifeguards
  • Water Safety Officers
Our team of in-house certified Lifeguard Instructors and 1st Aid/CPR Instructors ensure our staff of pool safety Officers maintain their qualifications. This reduces our customer's exposure to litigation in the event of an unfortunate incident.

While adding value services such as towel distribution, water testing and pool area maintenance, our customers have found this service feature to be a valuable and cost effective alternative to maintaining their own lifeguards and pool support personnel.

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