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Documents and Business Solutions

Document Shredding, Imaging and Storage
Doc Shredding

Documents and Business Solutions

Records Storage & Management

As part of the wide range of services G4S provides, this division of our company provides the Guam business community a safe, secure, climate controlled facility, equipped with surveillance and fire suppression systems to store vital records, in the form of boxes, filing cabinets and loose documents.

Document Destruction Management

When it is necessary for the destruction of obsolete documents and records, G4S provides "security level-4" shredding of paper and plastic card materials. As evidence that records have been destroyed, all destruction activities are digitally recorded on CCTV surveillance and a copy of the video can be made available to our customers.

Document Scanning (Imaging & Indexing)

If your company offers data access over the internet or is distributed on CD, G4S can provide "document imaging & conversion" service as part of your data management program. This service is also an excellent "backup" resource for disaster recovery redundancy to reduce the risks of critical information loss.

Personnel & Manpower Solutions

Whether your staffing needs are for an office, construction, retail or commercial environment, G4S can provide short or long-term staffing solutions, which includes personnel that are pre-screened against felony convictions, deceitful employment history and lack of proper qualifications and credentials. We specialize in providing construction workforce manpower.

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