Cash Management

G4S Cash Solutions provides a wide range of cash management services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our solutions include secure cash logistics, cash processing, ATM management solutions, high value vaulting services.

G4S provides cross-border management services to Macau and Shenzhen and has the ability to coordinate on both a local as well as regional scale.


ATM Management Solutions

 Cash Replenishment, Monitoring and Forecasting: G4S operates a fleet of armored vehicles currently delivering cash and valuables. Combining with cash monitoring and forecasting, G4S offers a cash replenishment services in an end to end approach, allowing the added benefit of outsourcing to G4S not just replenishment but also, the total cash management. 

First Line Maintenance: G4S can provide ongoing maintenance of ATM such as, the removal of jammed notes, download of programmes, replace receipt paper, collection of captured cards and journal rolls, replenishment of on-site marketing material, installation of ATM screen software, etc. 

Second Line Maintenance: G4S can provide a full maintenance solution to your multi-vendor ATM estate; allowing all your maintenance requirements to be conducted by a single supplier. Our methodology is to swap out parts on-site, thereby increasing the percentage of first time fix and reducing machine downtime. 

Alarm Call-out, System Supply, Monitoring and Maintenance: In addition to our 24-hour alarm call-out services, G4S can also offer leading edge signaling technology alarm system and provide alarm monitoring and maintenance. 

Single Line Maintenance: Under the G4S innovative Single Line Maintenance model, we will carry out the first line maintenance, second line maintenance and alarm call-out services. We are able to effectively eliminate the need for 3rd Party meets, streamline the notification process and reduce repeated callbacks.

Supply of Hardware and Software Upgrades and Development: We are able to work with you the best strategy to upgrade and or refresh your ATM estate to suit your bank’s requirements. This enables your bank access to operating latest technology and products through a bundled service offering including the lease of equipment.

End to End Solution: Under G4S's management, utilizing advanced monitoring tools, this will enable us to proactively monitor the ATM health and cash status, initiate fixes, distribute screen content and software patches remotely, giving us direct accountability for managing and driving superior performance in ATM network availability. Furthermore, we will be able to employ sophisticated cash forecasting software to reduce the overall cost of cash and optimize replenishment schedules to match our logistical network.

Cash Logistics

G4S uses the best technology and armoured vehicle fleet to deliver world class cash logistics in Hong Kong.  All services are under the watchful eye of our advanced Operations Control Centre that plans and tracks every consignment with an integrated management information system.  G4S fully insures the value of all cash under its control.

G4S provides cross-border management services to Macau and Shenzhen and has the ability to coordinate on both a local as well as regional scale.

Our Solutions

  • Cash Logistics
  • Cash Processing

Our specially built cash centre has the ability to not only count, verify and consolidate cash but to sort by bank of issue, fitness check and bundle according to customer needs. 

Our cash centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to meet your needs.

Coin Processing Centre

Coin Processing Facilities

Our specially built Coin Centre has the ability to count, verify and consolidate coin and fitness check according to customer needs.

Our Coin Centre is one of the largest wrapped-roll coin suppliers in Hong Kong.   We recycle the coins collected from our customers by wrapping the coins into rolls or boxes and supply to customers as per their requirement.  

Our cash centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to meet your needs.

Financial Institutions Outsourcing Solutions

Total Cheque Management Services: Cheque Clearing Outsourcing, Cheque Deposit Solution and Courier Service.

Cheque Clearing Outsourcing: We can work with you to provide outsourcing services for your bank covering cheque processing, image archive and retrieval, reconciliation and other related back-office functions.

Cheque Deposit Solution: The ESD 1000 is self-service equipment, which developed to be installed in the lobby of the banks as well as unmanned branch to allow the deposit of cheques in a simple, secure and quick way. No data input is required. The customer puts his cheques in an automatic feeder and performs the deposit. A receipt with cheque image will be generated spontaneously.

24-hour Courier Service: Our 24-hour courier service can provide the secure delivery of your bank’s cheques.  Our courier staff are properly vetted and trained to meet G4S’ high standards in order to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect.

Passbook Printer Solution

Hitachi Automated Passbook Entry Machine ‘PEM’ and Passbook Issuing Unit ‘PIU’: Extend passbook update and renewal service to non-banking hour. The PIU is a field upgrade model of our PEM solution. It provides automated passbook renewal with 40 copies of passbooks storage capacity.  All solutions are in-house developed by our professional and experienced programmers to guarantee our clients the highest level of support for their mission-critical environment.

Nantian PR9: A new set of passbook printer solution,. PR9 can be ‘plug and play’, ‘insert and print’ in operator environment and is easy to use. It can support Unicode CJK Ideographs and HKSCS.

Nantian BP8902:  An ideal magnetic stripe card read/write device designed for Banking System. It can encode and read data of magnetic stripe in the bank passbook and card. Obtaining read/write parity functions together. It can be operated easily with reliable performance. It is a perfect magnetic stripe read/write device for computer system in financial institutions. 

Biometric Smart Card Authentication Solution & Desktop Management 

Single sign-on solution: Provides one log-on to multi web base application by utilizing a unique biometric authentication. The technology is the latest and unique biometric solution that uses the ‘ human finger vessel pattern’ for personal authentication and is widely applied in Japanese market.

Hitachi Vein ID system: A non-contact scanning of human finger vessel pattern. The reliance on invisible vein pattern for authentication has made Vein ID a robust anti-forgery tool. It will not be affected by skin condition which is faced by the old technophile like fingerprint recognition devices. In addition, Ultra fast matching speed in performance enable various tasks including entrance control system, personal authorization management and attendance management.

LeagView Monitoring Tools: We offer a wide range of customized software solutions that applicable to various industries. Current solution offering includes monitoring tools such as desktop management, access right control can effectively protect large-scale complex network environment.