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Safeguarding The Guest Experience

Kildare Village, Ireland's tranquil and unique shopping centre is a luxury boutique venue, with thousands of visitors every week of the year. Ensuring their safety and exceptional experience is the focus of owners Value Retail.
G4S Ireland - Safeguarding the guest experience


A solution was needed to ensure a memorable guest experience in a safe and supporting environment, intertwined with security. G4S would need to provide friendly staff, attentive, accommodating and with the ability to quickly respond to an incident or injury.

The Focus

  • Integrate the Value Retail’s brand, guiding principles and Values across all G4S staff and services
  • Ensure the guest experience is at the heart of the focus
  • Enhance the future of Kildare Village guest experience
  • Increase protection of guests, property and staff by building a security culture that meets evolving threats
  • Introduce new technologies to drive operational efficiencies

The solution

  • Delivered human behaviour training to increase situational awareness and ensure customer care
  • Enhanced capability of 64 officers with first aid and defibrillator training
  • Created bespoke counter-terrorism training for retail environments
  • Produce monthly risk reports to ensure continual awareness of changing threat environments
  • Introduced GPS team tracking for guard locations, improving response, stakeholder support and analytics

The Benefits

  • G4S Solution now used as framework for every Value Retail Centre in the world
  • Nominated for the ISIA Awards - Client Service Excellence Awards - Finalist for Kildare Village
  • Protected against increased threats by providing additional physical security elements
  • Instant customer aid, care and safety and first point of call
  • Provide additional support on events with traffic and parking management
G4S - It’s ethos is building trust and openness in partnership with both client and staff allows for a healthy relationship and strong partnership and brings with it, the space and confidence needed to explore innovation and new work structures.
martina culbert , operations & Services director - kildare village