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Electronic Security

G4S Electronic Security Services
G4S Electronic Security

G4S Electronic Security Services

Customers need to have their facilities protected and G4S Trinidad has the expertise to find the most appropriate electronic solution. Not only do we install and service our customer's electronic security systems, but we complement this technology by monitoring and responding to designated alarm conditions from our customer's premises.

If you are interested in obtaining information about an electronic security system, please contact us using the details listed on our contact page.

The Best Equipment

In handling installations, G4S Trinidad utilizes products from internationally recognized suppliers to make sure that a system gives a customer the maximum coverage.

With more than 20 years experience in electronic security, G4S Trinidad determines the best equipment for a facility and can provide warranties for installation. G4S Trinidad also has the dedicated service support staff and workshop facility to handle repairs. Because customer feedback is always crucial, customers are encouraged to complete a survey immediately following installation.

Central Monitoring

A vital adjunct to an alarm system is our Central Monitoring Station.

At the station:

  • highly trained personnel can verify that an alarm is genuine and respond immediately
  • the police and key-holders are notified or an armed G4S Security Services Response Team is dispatched to investigate

Leading Technology

Our station is fully computerised with the back-up systems to handle all emergencies.

We handle signals from all major brands of equipment and provide an option of communication by either digital dialler (telephone line) or GSM network.

We have multiple lines for dialler signals with a hunt feature that routes signals automatically to free lines.