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Embassy Guarding

G4S Security Services - Embassy Guarding
G4S Security Services - Embassy Guarding

G4S Embassy Guarding Services

Our mission:

  • to provide protection to Diplomatic Missions, their employees, facilities, equipment and residence from damage or loss due to violent attacks (terrorist, criminal or otherwise) and theft
  • to act as an early warning or proactive measure
  • to provide any other specific security related duties

Our method of operations enables us to achieve our mission through the following:

  • GEMS Patrols
  • Access Control
  • Surveillance
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Communication

G4S provides two distinct types of service.

Static Guards
Our guards are specially trained and retrained in the area of diplomatic security, using a syllabus of best practices specific to the particular needs of diplomatic missions.

Mobile Patrol
Mobile Patrol surveillance is provided using the GEMS, ensuring accountability and reliability.