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Our People

G4S Security - We strive to generate strong levels of employee engagement
G4S Secure Solutions Trinidad


At G4S, we believe that the success of the organization is contingent on our ability to harness the diverse talents and abilities of all of our employees.   Therefore, in keeping with our global standards, we strive to generate strong levels of employee engagement by creating an environment where people feel proud of being a part of the G4S team, feel valued as individuals and have the opportunity to undertake work that is enjoyable and fulfilling.  In this way we help reinforce our position as a leading global employer.

Therefore to maintain our position as the global leader in the provision of security solutions we must attract and employ the best people at all levels. Ours is a diverse group in Trinidad and Tobago and reflects our rich cultural diversity

We therefore pay attention to each stage of the recruitment and selection process, beginning with a compelling employer brand which offers an attractive proposition.  We use innovative, robust selection processes to fairly assess an applicant’s suitability for a role and we focus on induction to ensure new employees integrate effectively into G4S and are able to add value at the earliest opportunity.  Together this lays the foundation for engaged and motivated employees, allowing talent to flourish and people to fulfill their potential.

The G4S Pride Model

Protect our Employees

Respect them as Individuals

Involve them in the business

Develop their skills and potential

Engage them fully