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Manned Guarding Services

G4S Security - Manned Guarding Services
G4S Security - Manned Guarding Services

G4S Security - Manned Security Services

We recognise that when customers use G4S they are not just looking for labour but expect G4S to share its security expertise.

Detailed written instructions for security officers are prepared in conjunction with each customer site and regular reviews are conducted by management to ensure that customers needs are met.

All security officers fall under the responsibility of either a site supervisor, area supervisor or project manager. Regular and random checks are carried out on all staff by supervisors and management.

G4S operates 24 hour control rooms at each branch location. Staffed by experienced officers, these control rooms have radio contact with all assignments and ensure that all vehicles are fully crewed and depart on time.

Situations may arise which would prevent an employee from reporting to work. Control rooms are able to quickly detect these absences and identify suitable replacements to provide customers with a seamless security service.

Adding Value for Customers

We believe it is important to communicate with our customers on a variety of security topics. We provide added value to our customers by providing the Security Digest magazine each quarter and operating a mechanism where customers are advised by email of sudden security developments.

The Trinidad management team actively encourages customer feedback and conducts a quarterly customer survey of guarding customers. Quarterly security reports are supplied to customers on detected security weaknesses, with recommendations for improvement.