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Integrated Security Services

G4S is the world’s leading technology-enabled security company and the ultimate choice in risk mitigation; entrusted to secure many of the world's most critical assets and events.  

Our expertise in corporate risk, technology-enabled security and critical asset protection helps Governments, business, judiciary and community services operate with peace of mind and efficiency. 

Fusing people, process and technology


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Our Integrated Security Services

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Corporate Risk

Through our corporate risk services, you can ensure your organisation's business risk and continuity strategies are sufficiently robust to protect assets, employees, customers, and strategic business information.   

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Security Services

Our range of security services ensure the safety and protection of your people, premises and assets. All G4S teams are selected and trained in accordance with the G4S core skill and competency framework.   

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Tech-enabled Security Integration

We explore opportunities to implement technology solutions to enhance our delivery of security, risk management, automation, performance and compliance.

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Courts and Tribunals

Our ability to prevent, pre-empt and protect all people in and around the judicial and custodial premises ensures we're creating safer communities for all.  

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Critical Infrastructure Protection Services

Security and safety come hand-in-hand with prosperity and continuity. Any disruption to critical infrastructure can have serious implications for business, Governments and communities.

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