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Electronic Monitoring

Reducing reoffending and maintaining public safety.
Male monitoring computer systems wearing headset and G4S uniform

Electronic Monitoring

G4S safely and securely manages thousands of offenders on electronic monitoring programs, every day.  

Our services help law enforcement and correctional agencies to safeguard communities, prevent offender contact with previous or potential victims, survey offender compliance with bail, curfew and parole conditions, and provide rapid response to any breaches. 

This capability is underpinned by an innovative, fully integrated platform that combines electronic monitoring with state-of-the-art equipment. The real-time management of offenders within the community offers a safe alternative to a prison, allowing people at risk to break the cycle of recidivism by remaining in the community, maintaining employment and keeping in contact with family - while they comply with the terms of their supervision orders. 

Supported by an integrated cloud platform, we offer a full range of solutions that include advanced tracking technologies (RF and GPS), alcohol verification monitoring (SCRAM), victim protection and offender monitoring for domestic violence, and an intelligence gathering capability which uses system data to map and predict offender behaviour. 

Our Electronic Monitoring Services include: 

  • GPS and RF monitoring devices and software 
  • Central Monitoring System 
  • 24/7 Monitoring Centre 
  • Helpdesk and technical support 
  • Installation, upgrades and maintenance 
  • Consumables and accessories 
  • Telecommunications systems and infrastructure 
  • Data management and reporting 
  • Expert witness.