Reintegration Services

G4S reintegration services are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by ex-offenders when they return to the community.

reintegration services

Re-offending has a huge impact on individuals, families, communities and society. G4S prison and post-release services and programs therefore aim to reduce crime and break deep-rooted cycles of offending and imprisonment. We work to develop a deep understanding of each offender’s physical and mental state and aim to address complex issues such as physical and mental health, drug and alcohol use, employment and education. Coupled with a range of offender support services, our ultimate goal is to help break the re-offender cycle. 

Working with agencies across the criminal justice, NGO and academic sectors, G4S are continually working on rehabilitation and reintegration initiatives that make a positive difference and achieve a better outcome for every person in our care. We also work closely with a range of partners to facilitate access to support services and create real opportunities for people to build productive and independent lives, helping to reduce recidivism and create safer communities.

Reintegration capabilities include:

  • Family intervention programs
  • Pre-release planning
  • Post-release case management services.

G4S understands the unique challenges that offenders face when they return to the community; particularly those that have served a long-term custodial sentence, those who have little or no employment history, those with poor life skills and those with a history of mental health issues, substance abuse or reoffending. 

To address these challenges, we have partnered with Flinders University and not-for-profit organisation SYC in South Australia to implement an innovative reintegration support program (KPI 6) at Mount Gambier Prison. The program comprises one-on-one pre-release and post-release services in areas such as housing, employment and living skills, to support successful transition back into the community. Our objective is to reduce the return to prison rate by 15%.

In the UK, our award winning Family Interventions program at HMP Parc aims to reduce reoffending and support functional and productive re-entry into the community by working with both prisoners and their families. G4S has partnered with more than 47 external and voluntary agencies to deliver the program, which is being copied in many prisons around the world. 

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