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Security systems


SECURITY systems

The company G4S Secure Solutions (CZ), a.s., Systems division provides design, installation, service and monitoring of security and low-current systems both in private and public sphere. Its main aim isto design and install systems suitable for the protection of property against robbery or fire and for protection of intellectual values against industrial espionage. The service is provided on the basis of the most developed technologies supplied by Czech and world producers and implemented by a team of highly educated and experienced professionals. 

The offered technologies include:

  • PZTS – alarm security and distress systems
  • CCTV – closed camera circuit
  • EKV – electric control of access
  • EPS – electric fire signalling
  • ER – evacuation radio and sound system
  • Electronic monitoring (Central Monitoring Station)
  • Perimeter systems
  • Protection of goods
  • Other light-current distribution systems: structured cabling, time, joint television antenna, call-on                  systems (queuing systems), book fund protection, graphical additional systems
  • Bracelets for  offenders
  • Other (stiles, frames, X-ray machines, ...)


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