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As one of the many services we offer, electronic monitoring is one of the most requested. Your business will be completely under control.
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  • Remote surveillance and object guarding
  • Protection of persons with the possibility of calling for help in case of distress
  • Remote monitoring of EPS systems (fire protection of buildings)
  • Protection and electronic monitoring of vehicles with GPS location
  • Remote video monitoring of objects using "Smart video solution" and "FP360 mobile tower"
  • Departure of mobile patrol, inspection or security intervention on site
  • Surveillance of the object until the arrival of the owner or responsible person
  • Remote monitoring of lone persons in hazardous workplaces
  • Remote monitoring of technical conditions with the possibility to react according to the set procedure
  • Remote monitoring of the facility at defined times
  • Unlocking and locking of the building by a mobile guard
  • Supervision and control over the performance of the physical security service
  • Regular reporting of defined events (monthly/weekly/daily/other)
  • Cooperation with IZS
  • Non-stop cooperation with the locksmith service (possibility of arranging repairs)
  • Non-stop cooperation with glaziers (possibility of repair)

Certification of the G4S monitoring centre:

  • The DPPC (formerly PCO) surveillance receiving and alarm centre meets the requirements of the technical standard EN 50518 1-3


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