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G4S customers who have subscribed to the
emergency response service can rest assured that G4S will come IMMEDIATELY
after an alarm has been activated in any emergency situation only to provide

Our dedicated team of trained and qualified
rapid response units, backed by a state-of-the-art, modern communication
center, operating 24 hours a day, guaranteeing clients total peace of mind.

For more information, contact us.

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Team ops


As the leading provider of security services
for the world's most successful and security-conscious companies, G4S has
proven to be able to handle routine and extraordinary requirements with
performance excellence.

Meticulous selection, motivation, and
appropriate training are key elements for effective service delivery of
security agents to the best performing training programs, including
performance-enhancing technology,

G4S is fully prepared to anticipate and meet
the most stringent security requirements.

Planning, organization, attention to detail and
oversight are the key elements of the
G4S Plan for the G4S Guard Force Response
Program (Patrol, Intervention, Systems - Security Technology). Through
cutting-edge innovations such as our experience-based officer programs, G4S
specializes in providing customers with intelligent options and
customer-centric solutions

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Buying a security solution is not a one-time
acquisition, but rather a significant long-term investment in which
relationships are built.

G4S Madagascar provides all the security
systems you may need:

• Automatic alarm

• Remote video
surveillance system

• Access control
systems: biometric, card reader, withers

• Vehicle tracking

• Automatic license
plate reader

• Supervision by

• Security solution
for BTS (bidirectional tower station)

• Integrated security
solutions for service stations

• Perimeter
Protection Solutions: Electric or Electrified Fence

G4S Madagascar is attentive to the individual
needs of their customers. Let us show you how an integrated security solution
can bring you reliability, professionalism and peace of mind.

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Team Group


- Safety advice and

- Safety program

- Investigation and

- Risk and threat


As the world continues to face a series of
divergent and emerging threats, governments and businesses need a holistic
approach to keeping their people and assets safe

The demand for security is increasing worldwide

The evolving nature of crime continues to
threaten societies, increasing the risks and security challenges in many parts
of the world. G4S Madagascar in charge of disaster prevention, risk management,
crisis management and resolution, G4S professionals using G4S global experience
adopt an integrated approach to security that includes all aspects of the
complete solution for theft prevention, risk reduction in their protection
mission with relevant and pragmatic assessments to give you advice, advice,
expert reports.

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