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Client High In Praise For G4S Officers

This client is high in praise for the great job being done by the G4S officers assigned to that location
G4S Trinidad News - Customer Praise Security Officer

“I am under no stress at any time when I am working during the day or late at nights.” said Cyril Murray , Agency Manager at  Pan American Life (PALIG.) and the Cyril Murray Agency Business Enterprise in Couva.  He made this comment in relation to  WSO Stacier Harry and WEC Crystal Coombs of the G4S Team. “Both officers take special care of me and I am very much in the know of any situation that may occur in the line of their duties.” he went on to say about these officers.

Our client Mr. Murray is pleased with the value that these two officers demonstrate, as they carry about themselves in a professional manner while undertaking  their duties. The client, his staff and Agents are treated with uttermost dignity and respect. The officers are always punctual, regular, and display high levels of communication skills in the execution of their duties.

Mr. Murray went as far to make a special request  to have the presence of Officer Harry at the Agency‘s Awards Function held Monday 29th February, 2016 at Cara Suites Claxton Bay , where Ms. Harry was recognized and presented with a token of appreciation from the Agency for a job well done. In a speech given by one of Pan American’s employees, it was stated that not always do people recognize and appreciate security officers and they wanted to thank Ms Harry for all that she does and also encouraged her to continue doing a good job representing her company.

The client Cyril Murray, concluded by saying, “Let us continue to lift the standards of service as we forge ahead in 2016 and beyond.”