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G4S Security Officers Help To Capture Robbers

G4S officers helped police in the capture and arrest of robbers at a nightclub in Port of Spain
G4S Trinidad News - G4S Officers Help Capture Robbers

On the morning of January,28th, 2016, a burglary  signal was received by the monitoring department , indicating of a brake-in at 51 Degrees Night Club just upstairs Town Restaurant on Ciprani Blvd. The intruders initially attempted to rob the restaurant, but after tripping the alarm, the intruders resorted to hiding in the roof of the  Nightclub.

A response team, comprising of Larry Tobias and Devon Sorillo of North Response responded to the call along with G4S Embassy Officers ,Albert Campo, Brain Sealy , Keion Ward and Sanjiv Kissoon, who were on guard at the adjacent US Embassy Office Building .

The Officers rendered  assistance to the T&T Police Service by covering the outside perimeter fence, should anyone try to escape.

At around 6:00am the intruder was observed by E/C. Campo trying to escape from the rear of the building and a shot was fired which resulted in the intruder going back into the building.

Tear gas was then used to draw the intruder out which resulted in the capture of the intruder at around 9:36 am.