Next generation transport fleet

G4S ANZ drives innovation with the launch of 'next generation' transport fleet
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At G4S Australia & New Zealand, we facilitate in excess of 100,000 prisoner transport movements annually. Recently, we mobilised our ‘next generation’ prisoner transport fleet across our Victoria Justice Prisoner Transport contract.  

Featuring an innovative In Vehicle Technology System (IVTS) which allows all transport and person in custody data to be captured and viewed in real-time including G4S, Corrections Victoria or Victoria Police.  These state-of-the-art vehicles are a game-changer for security, safety and inter-agency collaboration across the Victorian justice system.  

Co-designed by G4S and RMA Automotive Co., the new vehicles feature easy to clean surfaces to prevent contamination and have been constructed using engineered composite materials that are lightweight yet strong and which have superior thermal qualities that ensure passenger comfort. The new vehicle design also reduces wind drag associated with traditional prisoner transport vehicles, which improves fuel economy and reduces emissions.

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