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Sharing our expertise across the industry

Allan Bridges, Prison Reintegration Manager, presented to industry leaders at the Future Justice and Corrections Summit in Sydney on behalf of G4S Australia.
G4S staff presenting

The event brought together industry leaders from across government departments, private and public operators, architects, health practitioners and social assistance organisations to discuss, plan and implement the future of Corrections in Australia and New Zealand.

Allan delivered a presentation on ‘reinventing case management in a privately managed facility to provide support to inmates and our workforce’.

This was an ideal opportunity to showcase the great work the Mount Gambier Prison team has achieved in conjunction with the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) South Australia and SYC Limited. In particular, reducing recidivism rates by providing multifaceted support to prisoners prior and post-release.

“We do some great work at Mount Gambier Prison, but we are not very good at telling people how well we do. Events such as these are an ideal platform," Allan said.

On day two, Allan was joined Joe Aylward, Chief Operating Officer Community Services SYC, Michael Smith, Social Inclusion Manager for SYC and Fiona Rogers from GEO. The group of industry leaders formed a panel and shared insights into the provision of continuity of care and supporting inmates through release planning, follow up and post release support.

“The work that SYC Navigator Program undertakes in collaboration with Mount Gambier prison is without peer resulting in some of the lowest recidivism rates in the country” – Joe Aylward.

Many other speakers and stakeholders gave presentations during the event, provoking several ideas that could be introduced to help ensure we continue to make improvements at Mount Gambier Prison.​​​​​​​

Acting Chief Executive Hayley Mills praised the partnership between SYC and G4S.

“The team at SYC have delivered some outstanding success stories for prisoners existing custody and has directly contributed towards our successful reduced recidivism results. We are pleased that SYC

are continuing and expanding their services with G4S as we all work towards achieving a 20% reduction in reoffending by 2026.”