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Organisers of indoor events are afraid. They buy X-ray security systems in large quantites.


Prague, September 4th, 2017 – The interest in the use of X-ray security systems in all areas of crime prevention in connection with the current security situation has been increasing These are findings arising from statistics of G4S Secure Solutions, a leading national provider of security services in the area of the protection of property and persons. Among the company clients, 100 % of indoor event organisers and 80 % of production companies with special components are interested in the systems mentioned. Approximately 40 % of the clients then use them as security solutions even for more complicated infrastructures with high concentration of people.

X-ray security systems allow a well-trained operator to detect and identify a vast majority of dangerous or forbidden objects in a piece of luggage or in a consignment. Due to a large number of built-in functions they can be used to determine the content of a piece of luggage regardless of the shape of objects in it. The latest generations of X-ray systems can also automatically mark organic substances which are typical for explosive materials. Unlike frequently used walk-through or manual metal detectors, which do not react to organic materials or to materials with low content of iron, X-ray systems can detect objects in a wide range of options, both according to the material and the shape.

The range of use of X-ray security systems is very wide at present. Apart from luggage and consignment detection in air transport, where their use is compulsory, they are also used at entrances into premises with high concentration of people and at closely guarded infrastructures.

X-ray systems have started to be frequently used also in an opposite direction, it means for detection of luggage of persons leaving production or storage premises, in the cases when it is undesirable for the persons to take any objects out in their luggage which are not in their possession or which are forbidden to be taken out. The introduction of X-ray checks together with other personal inspections reduces our clients’ losses by more than 95 % in places where these checks are performed,” says Lenka Nováková, Business Development Director of G4S Czech Republic.

It is also well trained operators who significantly contribute to the quality of security. In G4S they go through training addressing the most demanding requirements contained in the EU documents. Each graduate from the course receives a certificate which is valid for at least six months. After this period expires, the operators are retested both in theory and practice.

”It is however very important not to forget that high efficiency of X-ray security systems resides mainly in the combination of all detection methods and security checks. Setting only X-ray checks and leaving remaining risks without any restrictions does not have much effect,” adds Nováková. G4S thus offers, as a suitable supplement to X-ray devices, a product called ThruVis, which is available in 19 countries. ThruVis can detect weapons and explosives hidden under clothes but at the same time does not violate the persons’ privacy. The advantage of this mobile systems resides in the fact that it is able to speed up checks at festivals, sports events or exhibitions by up to 5 times, but at the same time it is capable of maintaining security standard.