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terminal for temperature measurement

We present another novelty in the field of protection against Covid-19 disease. The terminal for measuring the temperature and checking the wearing of the masks will help to immediately detect the increased temperature of people entering the room and at the same time will alert you with an audible signal even when the mask is not covering the face properly.


Another of measures we have applied in the framework of protection against a pandemic is the installation of a terminal for measuring the temperature and wearing a mask in the reception area of G4S in Prague.

The terminal is designed to measure the temperature of people entering and at the same time detects the correct wearing of the mask.

In the event that the person entering has an elevated temperature, an immediate notification would occur. The same applies even if the person entering does not wear a mask. The terminal can also control the opening of turnstiles, doors, etc.

We offer this terminal to our customers, including other anti-covid products under the link here.


In the photo: temperature measuring terminal in Prague in the G4S reception area: