Cash In Transit

G4S allows customers to optimize cash flows as well as the time-value of their cash. In addition, we decrease our customer’s direct cash handling risk and costs in Cash In Transit services.

Cash in transit

The systems and methods of transporting cash are developed to meet strict international and G4S’ standards. They are tailored, however, to meet specific requirements of banking and retail trade in providing a safe and secured transportation using up-to-date armoured vehicles equipped with multiple mechanic and electronic protection systems.

Our G4S fleet for providing Cash in Transit services contains over 100 vehicles.
The vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and monitoring system, a private mobile network and radio communication equipment.

All CIT vehicles are under 24/7 surveillance.

G4S has its own CIT Monitoring Centre operating 24/7 and monitoring field work of our fleet as well as performong continuous supervision of the CIT fleet. G4S also possess a Dispech Center always on direct line with our fleet and clients regarding transportation. Both Centres are equipped with state-of-art technical systems.

All our CIT vehicles are equipped with special locks, which can be unlocked only with “Interactive Clique Keys” and “Interlock system protection”.

During the CIT operations, no keys are held in the vehicles!

All Cash Handling procedures have been accepted and complied with the insurers’ demands via our insurance brokers (such as Marsh SA Europe and AON).

All G4S’ transportations are covered by our insurance policy, unique in Serbia.