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We're Recruiting Prisoner Transport Officers

Explore a career as a Prisoner Transport Officer, delivering safe, humane and timely transport and logistics.

About Justice Prisoner Transport

G4S transports people in custody or on remand between correctional facilities, courts, police stations and social service and forensic health agencies.  We operate on behalf of Corrections Victoria, the Victoria Police and the Department of Human Services, and play a critical role in the criminal justice system by ensuring the safety and security of people in custody and the community.  

We were the first private operator in Australia to deliver the service and have provided it for more than 20 years.  In 2022, we travelled over 1.7 million kilometers and safely transported over 50,000 people. 

The movement of prisoners relies on secure, purpose-built vehicles fitted with in-vehicle technology.  Linked with a control centre, the in-vehicle messaging technology enables Transport Officers to communicate with passengers and monitor their welfare.  It also provides dynamic data to adapt to traffic conditions and manage passenger numbers, appointments and drop-off locations.

The role of a Prisoner Transport Officer

Prisoner Transport Officers deliver safe, humane and timely transport and logistics.  The role involves working in pairs to care for prisoners in transit, liaising with agencies in the criminal justice system and using purpose-built vehicles and in-vehicle technology.

Prison Transport Officers use iPads with two-way messaging to communicate with the G4S Control Room, which streamlines the way officers operate and makes more time available for them to focus on prisoner’s welfare, safety and security.  The system enables them to communicate with people in custody, receive dynamic data to adapt to traffic conditions, and manage passenger numbers, appointments and drop off locations.

Control Room staff monitor all messages and prisoners in transport, and ensure protocols are adhered to and checks are carried out.  

The team takes a planned, collaborative approach together with staff from corrections, police, social service and forensic health agencies.  All Officers have a duty of care for people in custody and must act in accordance with a Code of Conduct, Operational Instructions, Emergency Orders, Occupational Health and Safety Policies and Procedures, and Legislation and Regulations concerning the transport and management of prisoners and vehicles and equipment used for the purpose.

Prisoner Transport Officers work a 38-hour week between Monday and Friday and 5am to 10pm, and can volunteer for overtime on weekends and pubic holidays.

There is a morning and afternoon shift to cover the span of hours between 5am and 10pm.

Weekend and Public Holiday work is classed as overtime, and staff can volunteer for this additional work.

We ensure overtime is evenly shared amongst those who make themselves available for it.

Prisoner Transport Officers are covered by the Justice Prisoner Transport Agreement 2021 and are paid $29.15 an hour, with a 25% loading paid to casuals.

Penalty rates are paid for working evenings, weekends and public holidays, and accommodation is provided when long distance travel is required.

Within the first 12 months, G4S funds and supports Prisoner Transport Officers to complete a Certificate III in Correctional Practice.  Graduates then receive an hourly rate of $32.71. 

How to Apply
The first step is to register and apply online via  You will receive a confirmation email once you have successfully submitted your application.  A member of the Talent Acquisition Team will then guide you through the recruitment process below.  If you require assistance, please email
Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is extremely robust and includes:

  • A virtual, self-paced job preview
  • A Group Assessment (See our flyer on What to Expect at the Group Assessment)
  • A face-to-face formal interview onsite at Justice Prison Transport plus a tour of the facilities and vehicles
  • Medium level physical and mental health assessment conducted in-person by Recovery Partners
  • A Police Check including fingerprinting, conducted in-person at Victoria Police, Docklands
  • Verification of your Victorian Driver's Licence and a clean driving record
  • Verification of your most recent 3 years of employment history
About the Virtual Job Preview

G4S uses a platform called Vervoe to run candidates through a Virtual Job Preview.  When you log in, you will see a video from the personal recruiter managing your application.  During your Virtual Job Preview, you’ll gain information on the role, site and culture.  You’ll learn about who we are as an organisation and how we like to work, which will help you determine if the job might be right for you.  You’ll also be asked some questions from our side to check you have what’s required to succeed in the role.

In around 15-30 minutes, your recruiter will present you with on-screen scenarios and questions.  By answering the questions via video, text or uploading a file, you’ll get to show us your skills and tell us who you are in a way a CV can’t.

It’s a chance to:

  • Explain how you would handle real-world scenarios
  • Show us who you really are
  • Differentiate yourself from other candidates

Your Virtual Job Preview will fast track your application. 

Other benefits include: 

  • The convenience of responding from anywhere with no need to commute
  • Short videos and quick questions, rather than multiple pages on our website to read through
  • A fairer recruitment process where you show us your personality and explain your transferable skills.

Your Virtual Job Preview doesn’t replace a face-to-face interview.  If it goes well, your recruiter will still organise for you to have a face-to-face interview - and if you secure the job, the time you invest now will help you settle in.

What to expect on the first day

We’ll get you into the depot before your first day so you can collect your uniform and meet your Training Officer.   
On your first day, you'll meet with other recruits and your Training Officer who will begin guiding and supporting you through a 4-week induction program.  You’ll meet the General Manager and learn about your new role and how you fit in.  
The first week of your training is classroom-based and will give you foundational knowledge of the justice system, the custodial and court environments you'll be working in, and the kinds of tasks and duties you will undertake in your role. 

You will learn how to manage, support and care for different cohorts of people in custody and apply trauma-informed care principles every day.

What training is provided?
Prisoner Transport Officers undertake a 3-week, fully paid, purpose-built training program.  To equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel, it includes a mix of classroom learning, on-the-job training, shadowing, and practical skill development.
It includes driver training for operating our purpose-built Prisoner Transport Vehicles and use of a training pod to simulate real-life scenarios that could happen while you're on duty. 
You will also receive training on a comprehensive list of separate rules, identification, security and welfare checks, which form the foundational learning for your role.  This is followed by 2 weeks of shadowing, where you will accompany 2 experienced officers in a backseat role. 

You will be guided and supported by experienced Training Officers who will mentor you through the entire 3-week program.  There are plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and get hands on experience to ensure you feel confident and capable.
In addition, a Certificate III in Correctional Practice from Gordon TAFE is offered during the first 2 years of employment.
Benefits of the role
  • Work with team-oriented colleagues with empathy for the people in their care
  • Respond to diverse situations each day
  • Travel around Victoria 
  • Interactive training and shadowing
  • Career progression into Control Room, Senior Justice Prisoner Officer and Administration roles  
Eligibility Criteria

Essential Requirements
The role requires a valid Driver’s Licence and excellent driving record, plus a satisfactory National Police Record background check upon employment and on an ongoing basis. 

  • Cooperative team member
  • Ability and willingness to empathise
  • Decisive in emergency situations
  • Understand and follow detailed instructions 
  • Committed to continuous improvement 
  • Customer-focused for quality service delivery
  • Committed to ongoing training 
  • Conflict Management Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Assertiveness 
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Approachability
  • Compassion
  • Composure
  • Appropriate Ethics and Values
  • Patience
  • Professional Presentation

Desirable Requirements
Light truck licence, Medium or Heavy Rigid licence.

Apply Now
To apply please visit, search for Prisoner Transport Officers then follow the prompts. 

If you require assistance, please contact the Talent Acquisition Team by emailing

About G4S

Justice Services
G4S Justice Services support the Australian justice system by helping government and law enforcement agencies to mitigate the impact of crime on resources, infrastructure and the economy.  These staff work in correctional facilities, courts, police custody, electronic monitoring, prisoner transport, and offender rehabilitation, as Correctional Officers, Prisoner Transport Officers, Nurses, Clinicians, Support Officers and Custody Officers.

By managing people in prison and delivering safety, security and respect for people in custody, including transporting and escorting offenders, G4S keeps communities safe and reduces re-offending.  Clients include State Government Departments for Justice and Community Safety, Corrections, Police, Social Services and Forensic Health, in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia.
Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
G4S celebrates and supports diversity and is proud to be an Equal Opportunity workplace.  Our culture is one of inclusiveness and our goal is to welcome and retain staff who represent the whole community.  People from diverse backgrounds bring valuable perspectives, experiences and knowledge.  We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and walks of life. 
Jobs for First Nations People
G4S is committed to ensuring our workforce is not only reflective of the communities in which we operate but is equipped and capable of providing the best support for our employees, those in our care and their families.  This includes respecting and supporting First Nations employees at G4S and working to increase their representation in our workforce.  To improve employment outcomes and increase First Nations recruitment and retention, our jobs for Aboriginal people include access to a Cultural Mentoring Program, Aboriginal Employee Network, and Professional Development.