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Events Security

Delivering Safe and Enjoyable Environments at Events & Venues

G4S events pride themselves in delivering safe and enjoyable events UK wide. We work closely with organisers to create a security and crowd management plan that is tailored to the needs of each event.

Event safety & security brochure

We have a range of event services including stewarding and security, crowd management, year round guarding and canine services.

Event security and stewarding...

All the little details make the difference, from the way we greet guests and conduct bag searches, to the speed and ease that visitors are able to enter and exit the venue.

Crowd Management…

We use modelling software to look at access and egress points, flow rates and circulation as well as historical crowd profiling to develop a robust approach to crowd control.

Year round guarding…

Using the same organisation for your year round guarding in addition to events provides consistency of service and staff, improving the quality of security delivery.

Canine Services…

A cost-effective method to improve spectator safety.

To supplement our event stewards, G4S canine offer a full range of protection and detection services for spectator and venue screening.


Our experienced event security and stewarding teams support a wide range of different customers and events.  Here’s how they do it.

Why G4S?

- Strong national delivery capabilities of trained staff.

- Staffing resilience that comes with having a large, national workforce.

- We are committed to recruiting, training and retaining a great team.

- Virtual learning environments to brief and train individuals

- Long standing, experienced management team.

- Confidence we have the processes, policies and procedures to ensure safety and compliance.

- Our global size and capabilities enable us to pull on a wide range of specialist security services such as canine and risk travel management.


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