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G4S experts in the team for a secure future

We demonstrated our mission to secure your world and support the exchange of knowledge in the security field.
G4S, Seminar, Security, Zlatibor

We demonstrated our mission to secure your world and support the exchange of knowledge in the security field by participating in the seminar "Into a secure future with the power of knowledge" organized last weekend (September 25-28, 2020) by students of the Faculty of Security at the University of Belgrade. G4S Secure Solutions was represented by Marko Šukilović, CPP, G4S Academy Strategic Solutions Specialist and Business Development Director, Bojan Petrović, Security Manager and Miloš Gmitrović, Manned Security Manager of Industrial Sites.

Addressing the present students, our experts explained in more detail the working principles of a private security company and the challenges faced by security experts in the context of the increasingly present changes in the (business) world.

In the first part of the lecture, Marko Šukilović spoke about the G4S Academy approach that our company has developed on a global level, emphasizing that it creates an intelligent culture, challenges traditional ways of thinking, accepts and adapts to changes in technology and anticipates future security requirements using its own knowledge and sharing that knowledge (with clients). You can read more about our G4S Academy here.

G4S Srbija, Zlatibor, seminar

Šukilović then introduced ASIS International, the organization that brings together world experts and provides an opportunity for personal and professional progress. He encouraged young people to think about global political and economic conditions when thinking in the local security context and stressed that constant improvement is necessary if one is to strive for success.

Security is not just a profession, it is a way of life.
Marko Šukilović CPP, G4s Academy Strategic Solutions Specialist & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR
G4S Srbija, Zlatibor, seminar

Miloš Gmitrović and Bojan Petrović, as Faculty of Security alumni, presented their professional paths to their colleagues and gave valuable advice for a successful career in this field. Stories from their many years of experience, as well as those about developmental stages and reaching today's expert status, gave students an insight into the possibilities and options after graduation, but also highlighted misconceptions that can easily be encountered at the very beginning of their careers. Presenting the path after graduation as a hurdle race, Gmitrović and Petrović pointed out the most important "obstacles" that must be overcome for a newly graduated student to surely step towards the true self-fulfillment through this profession.

milos gmitrovic, bojan petrovic, G4S, security, seminar, zlatibor
It is important that you start as soon as possible from the lowest step on the ladder to be able to manage from the highest. The goal does not have to be the same for everyone, but dedication and training are common universal elements of every professional and life achievement.
g4s, milos gmitrovic, bojan petrovic, security, seminar, zlatibor
G4S, Security Faculty, seminar, zlatibor
milos gmitrovic, bojan petrovic, marko sukilovic, zlatibor, seminar, G4S, security