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Our kids got creative: G4S defeats coronavirus

The youngest "members" of the G4S team portrayed our contribution to the fight against Coronavirus.
Children's drawings about G4S and the fight against the coronavirus.

In the current conditions, when almost all traditional New Year's activities are being "cancelled", we have managed to find a way to animate the youngest ones - the children of our employees. We organised creative competition "G4S defeats Coronavirus" and asked children under the age of 15 to find out from their moms, dads, grandmothers or grandfathers in what ways G4S secures the World and then to present it in a creative way they like. Over 60 great works reached us, so our jury had an extremely difficult task - to choose the ones that best represent our heroes on the first line of the fight against the "invisible enemy".

Katarina Tasić won the first prize, the second and the third prize went to Luka Marković and Mila Gmitrović, respectively.

crtez konkurs 07

Katarina Tasić (14), 1. nagrada

Likovni konkurs 07
Luka Marković (15), 2. nagrada
Likovni konkurs 10
Mila Gmitrović (7), 3. nagrada
Looking at our kids' works below, it is easy to grasp - children's imagination always wins!
Likovni konkurs 09
Silvija Madžarac (11)
Crtez konkurs 04
Vukan Stevanović (13)

Tara Jevtić (8)

Likovni konkurs 08
Helena Pejović (8)
crtez konkurs 05
Lara Prodanić (7)

Milica Antić (9)

Novak Bogićević (10)
Crtez konkurs
Lazar Stančević (13)
Crtez konkurs 02
Lazar Drljača (7)