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We prevented the robbery. You can trust us.

When you are choosing whom to entrust securing everything you care about, you rely on expertise. When you are choosing expertise, you choose G4S. Why?
G4S employee Milan Stojanović at the scene of the incident where the alarm was sounded.

Here is (yet another) example.

One of the main advantages of G4S remote (alarm) monitoring system certainly is the registering of any unauthorized entries into the secured facility and the automatic report sending to the Control Center.
Last week, such report "sent" our patrol team to the location where the alarm had been activated at that moment. Upon arrival at the scene, our team came across damage on the doors and glass surfaces, as well as a group of burglars. The team informed the police that managed to arrest the perpetrators.
In the meantime, a client representative was informed and, at their request, our team stayed at that location all night, until the arrival of the first employees.

We thank our colleague Milan Stojanović for his quick and successful reaction.

Trust, expertise, G4S. It's that easy.

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