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We prevented the fire. You can truly rely on us

The G4S mission is already well known: We protect your property, people and assets by understanding and mitigating security risks. This is how it looks in practice:
G4S employee Petar Knezić next to the G4S flag.

Our remote (alarm) monitoring system "played" a key role when colleagues from the Control Center, sent a patrol team to the facility where the fire alarm had been activated immediately after registering the incident. Upon arrival at the scene, G4S team from Security, Patrols and Interventions Department informed the Control Center that they found automatic doors opened and large amounts of smoke present. Following the precise procedure, the team first informed the fire brigade and the police and then the client's representative.

The firefighters confirmed that, thanks to the quick reaction of our colleague, the fire was repaired in the initial phase thus greater damage was avoided.  With the consent of the client, our team left the location in the early morning hours, after successfully completed operation.

We thank our colleague Petar Knežić for a great reaction and demonstrated performance. Professionalism, above all.

Find more information about our remote monitoring service here and more information about G4S patrol teams can be found here.