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A bank that listens and the people who secure your world

At the end of the previous year, Sberbank wished us, in their video, to master the skill of listening in 2021, because by listening we discover the beauty of others. And then, they gave us the best example.
Article about G4S employee Nenad Miličić.

Praise for a colleague arrived at our address:

“We would like to praise the security officer Nenad Miličić who does his job very professionally. At the time of kovid, very kindly, with a smile on his face, he approaches clients in order to measure their temperature, which is part of the procedure of our bank.

He has achieved great communication, both with clients and employees.

We would especially praise the fact that he found a wallet in front of the branch with all the documents and a significant amount of money, then called the owner and returned the wallet.

Praise for G4S also, for having such employees."

I always try to help my fellow citizens.
Nenad Miličić, security officer
We also asked Nenad for his impressions:

“Cooperation with the client is excellent. I always try to help my fellow citizens too. Especially when they are in a hurry. It happens that even with the most impatient of them, while they wait their turn, I talk about football or plans for lunch.”

Our common message is clear. If we listen carefully, we can recognize what is really important.

Thank you, Sberbank. Thank you, Nenad.