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G4S: The power of knowledge for a safe future

Seminar "With the power of knowledge into a secure future” was held in Zlatibor from April 25-28 and organized by the Students' Initiative and the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Security. Students from five security faculties had an opportunity to "steal” the knowledge from top experts, exchange information and experiences, but also visit local landmarks and enjoy one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia.
G4S employee Marko is presenting in the hall in front of the people in Zlatibor.

We talked about the event with Milica Jakovljević, President of the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Security and one of the organizers of the seminar:

"Topics of this year's gathering are adjusted to the interests of security students. In addition to knowledge and socializing, the seminar provides them with a chance to expand their horizons on a specific area they are interested in as well as to use the newly acquired knowledge for their further improvement, both in career and in life."

She also thanked our company for participating:

"G4S is with us for the second year in a row, Marko Šukilović showed us the honor of giving yet another lecture. The students were thrilled in September, because the lectures were very interesting, they learned a lot and that is why we would like you to be our guests again in the future”.

Director of Business Development at G4S and one of the lecturers at the seminar Marko Šukilović, CPP praised the organization and the very idea to make a seminar like this:

"What you're doing is great. You are now investing in your future. Socializing is important, but the structure you can get from the lecturers you invite contributes to the discussions giving them more weight. ”

In his lecture, Marko specifically referred to the innovations in the security industry, specifically to the G4S Academy approach and explained to students its immeasurable importance in improving the traditional approach, based on Enterprise Security Risk Management:
We will talk about the ESRM until it becomes the DNA of all security experts.
Marko Šukilović, CPP, Director of business development
We thank the organizers for the invitation and look forward to a new gathering next year!

Jelena Branković, president of Students' Initiative of Faculty of Security & Marko Šukilović CPP, director of Business Development at G4S