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Security Summit 2021: Enterprise Security Risk Management is the future

Following the so-called "new normal" trends of holding virtual, online conferences and seminars, we have had the opportunity to be a part of this year's Security Summit, which took place from May 4-6, 2021.
The 2021 Security Summit podium and canvas.

Following the organizer's announcement, which states: "In search of partners and clients, the Security Summit was joined by more than 3000 professionals from almost a hundred countries. It went beyond the Adriatic region and became one of the most important events in Central, Southeast and Eastern Europe with a significant number of exhibitors and visitors outside these regions", we convey our impressions which are also rather positive.
Summit 2
Our colleague Marko Šukilović CPP, who was a lecturer at the Security Summit conference held in Belgrade a couple of years ago, received an invitation from the organizers to give his contribution this time as well - and immediately the idea was born: Let’s organize something bigger than one lecture, something that this region hasn’t had a chance to see and hear so far.  Marko has invited some of the world's biggest names in the security industry, including John Petruzzi Jr. (current President of the most eminent association of security professionals ASIS International), Rachelle Loyear (author of the bestseller book on Enterprise Security Risk Management discipline), Orhan Topcu (Microsoft), but also colleagues from our region who have high management positions in global companies, such as Predrag Bolta (HERE Technologies), Aleksandar Jakovljević (Telenor Group), Krešimir Hausknecht (INSIG2), Zoran Bogadi (INA) - aiming to make a conference within the conference called "ASIS ESRM FLOOR".
Samit 3
It is interesting that John, Rachelle and Marko are employed at G4S, while Predrag Bolta is our former colleague who continued his career abroad. In addition to the role of lecturer, Marko also had the role of moderator during the two-day ASIS ESRM FLOOR conference, which was attended by a large number of participants. Through a two-platform approach (fair-conference and "b2match" for online meetings), the Security Summit offered a faithful simulation of a physical fair and provided a simpler way to connect people and hold meetings, which is essentially the goal of such gatherings.

“By organizing and participating in ASIS ESRM FLOOR, G4S Academy has once again proven to be an essential concept for promoting our expertise, our connection with leading security experts and, without false modesty, G4S’s dominance in the private security industry. And we have just started”, concluded Marko Šukilović, CPP.