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Talking about security? Our solutions speak for themselves

Srđan Vračar, Director of Electronic Security Systems
G4S Director of the Sector of Technical Protection Systems Srđan Vračar.

Ensuring business security is based on cooperation with a business partner who can provide the service of integrated security systems with security / technical support, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, wherever necessary. So, on the territory of Serbia, G4S imposes itself as a natural choice.

Recently, G4S became part of the "Allied Universal" family and now has about 800,000 employees worldwide. There is no organization in Serbia that has so much experience and proven successful solutions at its disposal for almost every threat or risk that can endanger your business. G4S Serbia has 3,500 licensed and trained people in physical security, as well as several hundred people employed in very demanding security and technical positions such as:

- Regional Monitoring and Control Center (24/7/365)

- Business Risk assessment

- Design of technical systems

- Installation and maintenance of technical systems

- Mobile security and technical intervention teams(patrols) (24/7/365)

We know that risks (from fire, burglary, vandalism, abuse, etc.) do not choose the industry and exist all around us. No matter what industry you work in, our integrated security solutions can certainly further reduce your risks and increase profitability. We are even in the industry of detection of dangerous and flammable gases. No matter what the value you want to protect, we will find the optimal technical solution for you, prescribe procedures and apply adequate insurance policies. So far, 4,700 clients in Serbia have entrusted their values ​​to us for safekeeping, from private vehicles and apartments to large industrial, residential, catering, traffic and infrastructure facilities. In accordance with specialized risk assessments, we have equipped important facilities with fire detection systems, detection of hazardous and flammable gases, video surveillance, burglary detection and reporting, access controls, parking and garage management systems, while the regional monitoring center constantly monitors all these systems and responds in a timely and adequate manner.

The security industry is the "procedure industry." G4S Serbia is a regional leader in the implementation of procedures that are taken from the best world practices and harmonized with local laws and regulations. This is supported by the fact that our colleagues in all areas of industry are trained and licensed, while doing business is in accordance with the highest prescribed standards. This business policy and practice makes us a very desirable guarantor of risk reduction for insurance companies - we have the best insurance policies in the region for our clients..

G4S Serbia strives to be far more than traditional security solutions. We provide comprehensive operational support to smart companies in the smart city market. We have additionally trained people, provided the necessary technical infrastructure and have already launched the first pilot projects so that you can expand your service and offer it reliably without additional investment in your own regional network of technical or security support.

And these are just some of the benefits that make us the best choice.

And just some of the reasons for us to become your support in a safe business.

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