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What exactly is a G4S manned security service?

Miloš Gmitrović, Manned security industrial unit manager 
G4S employee Milo in front of a map of Serbia.

I'll start with myself: When you do the job the best you can and for that you are rewarded with excellent results, you know that you are on the right path and you do not deviate from it. And when you are part of a team whose service even the competition marks as the best, then in addition to responsibility, you also feel strong motivation.

G4S Secure Solutions is a company that provides a complete private security service on the Serbian market. We develop each service with special care. With the basic goal that the quality of service satisfies even the most demanding clients, the management team always has a clear task to offer the market innovation in the field of security. From a special risk assessment model to the products themselves (thermal imaging camera, radar, modern stay alone vehicle...), the entire business principle of our company provides security and support to your business.

We often come across the opinion that the nature of physical security services makes changes difficult to implement. Maybe you, when you hear the word - security - first think of the officer who conducts the protection service. For several years now, G4S has been making huge efforts to modernize and improve its physical security sector. We draw strength for such an endeavor from our vast work experience, global expertise that we use locally, as well as the expertise that members of the management team acquire through additional education and (self) training.

Digitization in communication and reporting, implementation of new technical-technological solutions are processes that are largely implemented in the providing services. The concept we call "man-tech" is a combination of the traditional and well-known element "security officer" with a segment of technical systems of a wide range of protection.

The special selection of officials whose qualifications and knowledge match a particular job position is a must in our company. What G4S Serbia brings and implements is a combination of security solutions that, depending on the needs of the facility and the client, provide full support to the employee and make the service remain at an advanced level.

So, security officers are not porters, nor are we talking about porter service anymore. We are talking about licensed employees who go through various training and gain valuable operational experience on a daily basis, managing it towards eliminating risks for clients. Officers remain an indispensable human factor that, with modern technology, forms a safety ring and successfully preserves your values.

Let's not forget the prevention of thefts, fires, safer shopping in shopping malls, help in banks and other institutions, full ATMs and many other situations in which security officers contribute to our sense of security. On a daily basis.

I invite you to be a part of the changes that are necessary in this industry. By recognizing quality, choosing the best. G4S is a global and local leader, the only one with the “infrastructure” to bring and implement innovations. Security is at your fingertips.

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