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All the risks on our radar: Who designs your security?

Srđan Vračar, Electronic Security Systems Director
G4S direktor Sektora tehničkih sistema zaštite Srđan Vračar ispred mape pokrivenosti G4S obezbeđenja u svetu.

G4S in Serbia has around 3.500 employees and after this year's acquisition by Allied Universal®, that number globally amounts to more than 800.000 members of the leading team in the security industry. As we talk about this truly impressive figure, we must not forget that these people are the bearers of our man-tech approach based on innovation and electronic security systems.

We implement all our (integrated) protection systems in order to serve as a sixth sense and / or third eye for the end user. We provide this support through burglary, fire detection and video surveillance systems. Who are the customers? You and your values. We make residential, business, retail, warehouse and industrial facilities, schools, and even airports, tunnels, railways, as well as all other movable and immovable property, safe. Namely, we can assess the risks and suggest modalities for the protection of everything that is valuable to you.
G4S Srbija, Integrated Security, 360 concept
If you want to secure your own living space or retail facility, do believe that  you are not the first. G4S in Serbia has under surveillance over 5.000 facilities that protect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, non-stop. To ensure this during a pandemic, we have equipped a back-up operations center: We do everything in our power to protect employees and our space, but, in case of need, a new location is activated so as not to interrupt the provision of services. We are ready to face any risk.

The bewildering expansion in the construction sector has enabled the application of the latest technologies of all professions, including in the field of electronic security systems. In practice, we find many good examples of assessing and resolving the risks that exist, but we are also witnessing "making savings'' in the wrong way. As this is a complex topic, we will deal with it in more detail at this year's Adria Security Summit, during a panel discussion entitled "True Cost of Cheap" which will be held on October 13 at 2 pm in BelExpocentre. We will talk about the selection of adequate equipment, the application of technical solutions in strategic infrastructure projects, but also about the concept of smart cities and supporting infrastructure and the need for its availability at all times. The moderator will be our Business Development Director, who will present to you, first of all, the latest security solutions created by the G4S Academy.

What is G4S Academy?

The G4S Academy was created globally, bringing together G4S experts from around the world, with a clear vision of combining user needs and operational excellence. With our internal experience and security expertise, we can improve what we do today and create leading integrated security solutions.

G4S Academy risk radar.

The best messages are sent when you have examples from practice. 

We have recently participated in the implementation of projects in the field of technical protection systems based on the so-called. "smart" applications. During the implementation, we encountered a “vivid” selection of equipment and systems, often encountering redundant functionalities, but also insurmountable problems during the integration into the control center. Several equipment vendors and several contractors were selected in the project, and each was in charge of their part, but no one was in charge of the general functionality. Wrong design leads to wrong execution - installation is wrong and therefore application; the desire for savings at all costs and not knowing the industry of electronic protection systems led the investor in the direction of buying a mix of brands of equipment that are not compatible or complementary, which all together led to difficult practical use and subsequent maintenance of the system. Individually, the investor saved on each system, but the total cost of ownership was higher, both in terms of investment and maintenance. Such decisions have also influenced the scope of manned security work - a less functional technical protection system usually means the need for more Security Officers. In the end - more expensive than it really had to be.

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