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(R)Evolution is underway: Are you safe?

Let's start with your recent tender for the procurement of security services. Which criteria were most important? The price? Quality? 
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Most would tactically respond with a “price-quality ratio”, without overindulging in the definition of quality. Did anyone follow the logic of the functionality of the system or maybe go into what profile of the Security Officer is offered to them?
It's not about what kind of security system I buy, but what I want it to do for me. And I want it to protect my business, my employees, my clients and all my values in the best way. That's the point, isn't it? Mathematically, 100 minus 1 is 99, but in the world of security, when you remove 1 from 100, there are two zeros left, so twice nothing. That's how much your security program is worth if a "God forbid" situation arises and you don't have an adequate security partner, with an adequate business continuity plan.
MARKO ŠUKOLOVIĆ, CPP bd director, and nikola petrović, CASH SOLUTION DIRECTOR
It is easy to start a discussion about typical security risk mitigation measures that are well known to everyone - starting with the traditional "guards, guns and gates" concept based on people services (being the dominant concept of securing facilities in Serbia), through the need to apply electronic security systems (such as alarms and video surveillance), then "life safety" systems (such as fire detection and loudspeakers), to the application of fully integrated systems that are essential for everything to function "smoothly" and on one platform - one screen. We forget and ignore the fact that the true end user of integrated systems is your Security Officer at the gate, and if it were not for these systems, he would be just a "doorman" (unfortunately, a generally accepted derogatory name) who has a great responsibility and duty to guard and preserve property. A “Doorman" who earns about 300 Euros a month. Some would say that for that money you can't save yourself, let alone something else ... But he knows your security program best! He knows the weaknesses and strengths. Yet, is there anyone he can tell it to? Is he a lone wolf at your location or a "connected" protector of your values - part of a truly integrated security program? The security industry is an honorable profession, undervalued and underpaid; that fate is shared by Security Officers (no, they are not just "doormen"!) - honorable people, undervalued and underpaid. And if there is no system behind them that gives them systemic support and to back them up, what outcomes do we hope for?

“Security service must be successful every time; it is enough for an intruder to be successful only once. ”
G4S Academy risk radar.

You, the users of security services, own the resources and know your values best. You also know the history of previous threats (for example, what was stolen and sabotaged), and we are here to point out them, but also additional threats. Once we identify together what is most valuable to you and what you fear most, we help you alleviate that fear. Man, robot, drone, cameras? It depends on your budget, but that budget depends on your perception of security - do you see it as an investment or as a cost? G4S Serbia has a structured philosophy / model of security management, whether it is cash processing or the design, installation, maintenance and integration of electronic security systems or the provision of people services.

At the core of our security management are systems based on the ability to adequately assess risk, correctly design, install, integrate and maintain the general concept of security of a specific facility or client's property.

It is the famous 3R model (Resources, Risks and Resolutions), It is a true "man-tech" concept - a synergy of man and technology. It is THE (r)evolution.

So how safe are you? Click to access a free tool to assess where you are today in terms of security.

We are at your disposal to, after receiving the initial Report, discuss together the management of security risks and determine an adequate security program for your property.

G4S has the expertise and know-how to propose and implement the Integrated Security 360 ° concept, to help in all phases of your project, without escaping from the fact that anyone can make a mistake at some point. This is where an important, key advantage of working with us comes in - each of our activities is covered by a professional liability insurance policy! You're always safe and "covered."

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And what is happening with the safe handling of your money?

Transport and money processing services are the most risky jobs performed by private companies in the security industry. Apparently, everything seems to be fine until the attack happens. And what happens then? Did my money transfer service provider have insurance? What happens if my service provider cannot activate his policy because he did not comply with the conditions prescribed by the insurance policy? These are just some of the questions that arise. Also, many use the term insurance and policies, but do not pay attention to the differences between the policies, the insurance conditions prescribed by the policies, it seems trivial, but because of those large losses happen.

With the evolution of the security industry, there is a revolution in the way business continuity is ensured. The choice is yours. And the solutions are with us.

Adria Security Summit by Intersec, the leading annual conference in the Adriatic region, will be held in Belgrade, on October 13 and 14, 2021, at the Holiday Inn Belgrade Hotel and the BelExpocentar multifunctional hall, as spaces that can provide numerous benefits in accordance with the latest epidemiological measures.
Manufacturers, distributors, installers and system integrators, consultants and end users from all markets will come together in one place. The event is an ideal platform to learn about the current situation in the security sector, where G4S will present its unique concept and provide concrete answers to EVERYTHING you need to know (and do) to protect your business and assets.