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G4S Adria Security Summit

On this year's Adria Security Summit: We have demonstrated an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to the security solutions.
G4S štand na "Adria Security Summit-u 2022.".

about adria security summit

The largest regional event in the field of security, Adria Security Summit, was held in Belgrade, Oct 13-14. Despite the pandemic, and with great protection measures, a large number of actors in the security industry gathered: Manufacturers, distributors, installers and system integrators, consultants and end users from all markets attended the exchange of knowledge and experience, in one place. The event served as an ideal platform for learning about the current situation in the security sector, where G4S presented its unique concept and gave concrete answers to EVERYTHING clients need to know (and do) to protect their business and assets.
Namely, our company has already demonstrated an innovative approach to security solutions at its stand, by setting up the Igigi marketing platform for customers. What does he represent? Igigi enables retailers and suppliers to significantly improve the outcome of their retail activities by providing accurate insight into customer behavior in real time and interactive targeted advertising. Igigi recognizes your face and movements and communicates directly with customers. Igigi is the latest digital reinforcement for our team. It helps with advise during the day, and protects you with sharp eyesight and hearing at night.

It works by automatically detecting a person in sight or detecting unexpected sounds they hear ... based on the tag it raises an alarm and sends it to our AM center. It is intended predominantly for retail facilities, but can be used in waiting rooms, elevators ...

It is not intended for private facilities.



This kind of multidisciplinary approach made our two panels be visited to the last place. The first panel called “How Much You Would Pay for Your Money?” was dedicated to Cash Management. The moderator was Rachelle Loyer, Vice President of Integrated Security Solutions in our Group, while the panelists were: Pontus Linder, Global G4S Director of Cash and Value Management, Liliana Lapadatoni, CEO of Marsh for the Adriatic Region, and Nikola Petrovic, Director of the Cash and Value Management Department at G4S Serbia. They pointed out to the audience the fact that in a world of evolving security risks, people often forget that compliance with standards and procedures is an essential part of business continuity. That is why, the panelists reminded the clients, just because a company says they have CIT insurance, does not mean that in the event of an incident the loss will be covered. We helped the guests to understand the true value of their property "in cash", what is included in the protection of "cash", but also what they should ask as security professionals, to make sure that their seller can really mitigate the risk.

The second panel, called "True Cost of Cheap", was dedicated to integrated protection systems. The dizzying expansion in the construction sector has enabled the application of the latest technologies of all professions, including in the field of technical security systems. In practice, we find a lot of good examples of perceiving and resolving the risks that exist, but we are also witnessing "savings" in the wrong way. We dealt with this complex topic in detail and talked about the selection of adequate equipment, application of technical solutions in strategic infrastructure projects, but also about the concept of smart cities and supporting infrastructure and the need for its availability at all times. Moderator Marko Sukilovic, CPP, Director of Business Development at our company, started the discussion by emphasizing that in the tender process, you must take care not to worry about what kind of security system you are buying, but what you want it to do for you. One of the panelists, Danko Belic, director of Alarm Automation, spoke about the importance of choosing the right equipment, while Milos Milisavljevic, director of Strawberry Energy, underlined that in the expansion of IoT hardware and Smart City products it is crucial to have a reliable partner who can provide all technical and logistical support, at any location in any country. And the G4S is just that. He added that the combination of IoT and smart urban infrastructure with technical protection systems is one of the most promising fields for innovation and development, which is also being considered at Strawberry. The director of the Protection System Sector, Srdjan Vracar, reminded that technology has become a tool for a security solution, and not a solution in itself. The security industry has been setting up a comprehensive infrastructure for years, which is now experiencing a renaissance in the modern world, Vracar concluded.


We are where the knowledge for the future is

At this year's Adria Security Summit, the first training of the ASIS School for Corporate Security Risk Management was organized, which included theoretical and practical training of participants. The ESRM is a strategic approach to security management that links an organization's security practices to its overall strategy, using globally established and accepted risk management principles. The training was primarily intended for corporate security managers, but also for other stakeholders in the field of security. The program leaders were Paul Mercer, CEO of HawkSight SRM, Rachel Loyer, Vice President for Integrated Security Solutions in our Group and Marko Šukilović, CPP, Business Development Director of G4S Serbia and ESRM Evangelist. Participants, including our colleagues from G4S Serbia, received certificates of attendance, which will make it easier for them to subsequently obtain the latest ASIS Essentials (ESRM) certificate.


The art of creating the best integrated solution

Rachel Loyer also used her arrival in Serbia and participation in the Adria Security Summit to hold an internal workshop for G4S Academy specialists in Serbia. Through all-day exercises and practical examples, our colleagues have acquired new knowledge and skills that will help them cope easily with all of the forthcoming challenges.